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Amazing work

I can't wait to see the rest of this series... the previous one (no.7) probably being the best so far. But the 3D effects, with just lines, is unbelievable... I just wanna know what 3D program you use?! PLLLEASE tell me! Cos there is no way you do that 3D animation by hand.. don't even try it.. but anyways, keep doing what you do best, and here have a cigar..

Nothing as special as its score on the left says

I think I probably would've been a lot more lenient if it wasn't for the fact that I had to wait about 15 minutes for this to load (yes I'm a 56k-er), and yeah another thing about that filesize... where the HELL DID IT COME FROM?? This only has a couple of animation sequences.. most of the characters should've been made as "objects" so that they can be duplicated with no increased file size... the music was alright, but there weren't even any fills in the line drawings to give it some baulk... you must be the worst person ever at optimizing your filesize, and this movie, although better than most, was nothing special (and I didn't think the line drawings were that bad), but I think you should make something amazing for a filesize of that girth. Otherwise your movie doesn't live up to the expectations of 2.8Mb and it gets reviews like this. Laters...

Each to their own I guess

I would've given this 0 for every category.. but seeing as I'm a guy with feelings, I gave you a bit more for effort.. and also, a 4 for humour, because although the thing as a whole was far from funny, seeing Pat Sharp behind bars made me chuckle, hehe...

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Out of the top drawer...

Brilliantly addictive game for those many rainy days... (in the UK anyway). Can't wait to see Mini Putt 2! My best score so far is 25...

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My God the combinations are endless.

Tip for the author: MAybe in future, instead of "kisser" or "licker", you could also have "kissing" or "licking", so you can make some of the longest insults ever! You could just keep adding words... also, if it was possible to pre-select in order the insult words, then press "Say", and he says the whole lot in order... so you don't have to leg your mouse all over the place... that would be EVEN better! Ciao.

Stunky responds:

i'm looking for a recorder script or it as we speak... i wanted a voice recorder to beguin with... i'll give u a shout when i've found 1...
i'd expect it to be version 3.0 around...

Not bad... hope you make the full thing though

Good things:
I found the shot aiming was without fault.. you shot the head, he died, you shot very near him, he didn't take a hit... character movement too is good, with not each and every gunman the same. (That chicken though... haha, what the f...)

Features I would like to see added:
All the gunmen hit you with each shot, and shoot you pretty much straight away. That's ok for the ones close up, but for those far away, how about they sometimes miss you??
I'm guessing if you finished it you'd make more scenes too, rather than just the one background.
Reduce filesize a bit by cutting down on the pointless never-used-again gun images at the start. 1.4Mb was ok for now, but if you finish it...

Hope this review was constructive, and don't get the idea I think I'm some kind of master, this is just my opinion from a player's PoV. Keep it up, and I hope to see the finished article :)

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